The role of graphic design in the color

We can say the economy more goods component along with the opening of Vietnam to integrate outside world has created favorable conditions for the graphics industry strongly developed. The introduction of foreign companies with thousands of plentiful product really has created a fierce competition to dominate the market.

Along that imported products with rich colors that are appearing more and more in the Vietnam market. The inevitable happens to be goods which form beautiful design, good quality will win love from consumers. Want to build the symbolic prestige goods on the market, advertising is an optimal solution for the strategic management of the business. The task set for the graphic design artists is enormous. How to information from the manufacturer to the consumer as quickly as possible, most accurate and most impressive. A series of questions are posed, a series of plans to be executed but probably the easiest and also the most complex color because it's attractive color huge, our eyes are often sensitive to color more colors with shapes. The phenomenon of color often have a strong impact on psychology and human emotions. Color is the most effective means to help advertisers reach the fastest way to target advertising that is human.

Color is an important factor in the success as well as in the advertising design of the Artist. So effective and the role of color in advertising design graphics is enormous. The basic principles of color Color existence by three factors: light, all objects observed and observable. Physicists have demonstrated that white light is composed of wavelengths of red, green and blue.

The human eye can perceive color when the object wavelengths are absorbed and observed reflections. Three colors red, green and blue are the colors of the original light. When the three colors overlap they create the secondary colors: Cyan, Magenta and Yellow. The original color and secondary color is the color components complement each other. The color matching is not the same color almost any color. From the original color and the color developed from them are organic coloring matter. Black, white, gray color is colorless.

According to the psychological sense, red, yellow, orange is associated to the sun so that the color and the same color tones are considered warm colors. Blue, green, purple relate to the sky, the water should be the same color and the color tones are regarded as cold color. The color is in between cold and warm neutral colors. It is from the habits of human psychology that make the concept of color or in other words it is the language of colors. The color itself is capable of causing sensation near and far.

The fact that the warm colors like red, orange, yellow, and their tone often feels closer to his eyes, feeling the cool colors recede to run backwards. Bright colors on a dark background, bright colors are placed on the bass to increase the contrast of the near and far distances. Bright colors, warm colors on a dark background, the background often feel cold larger area of it. Thus sensation occupy more space than the other colors. Contrast, the influence of color is evident when the two colors side by side or around each other.

Each color has a color change by acting on other colors. The nature of color and shapes have a mutual relationship given. Colour block capable of finishing. It creates the shapes represent the diversity of nature and to enrich the surface of the block. When necessary, it can use multiple colors in a relationship increases the surface or mitigation of visual attention to the parts of the cube tong. When blocks are divided into several groups, the composition, the color can merge them into cubes for consensus and generalization. Together in one area, or an area larger light seems dark colors. Yellow, blue light causes a wider sense of a different color. Properties of hot, cold color increases static or dynamic. Highlighting the development or the tranquility of the cube. The dynamic shapes, shapes the development of red, orange, yellow, or fluorescent colors is causing feeling strong visual impact. Conversely, cool colors or depression have emphasized the ability to form stable block, diffuse, steadiness. This feature is useful color in advertising design, cause the attention of customers.

Colors are the most effective means to express the characteristics of the world. Those yellow, glowing colors suggest a major hit. Grams of brown tones create a calm reminiscent of distant ideas, the long-term survival, the brown looked courtesy elegant, cool colors with a soft light near-term funding. Lemon yellow suggestive touches sour, orange brings the delicious sweetness. Therefore orange tones or shades and are widely used in restaurants, map applications for food and drink. Red, orange and bright color intensity of the color is considered positive, stimulating arousal. The cool colors, opaque typical calm, courteous associated with the feeling of relaxed elegance. The colors purple, pink sexy feeling dreamy, romantic, or is used in cosmetics sensual feeling soft vinyl, the glamor ...

Development and ancient philosophical China, the color is known for the "five colors - red, yellow, white, black" with "Five of chemistry, Earth, Wood, Metal, Water Resources" is in part originally created the world. Color man has been addressed very soon after formation of social consciousness, is to explore factors need to meet the demands of life. The Chinese in particular and people in general are Eastern conception -Modern color red symbolizes good luck. Red is the color of joy, warmth, happiness, only the power that fame. The red color is used in the modern day blow - weddings, inaugurated the new ... or during the holiday. Traditional red color which would in every Vietnamese citizen not forget we are on New Year couplets "fat melon flesh of red couplets".
Therefore, the color red is very popular in the East. -Modern Gold symbolizes authority, wealth, wealth. Yellow is used in the place of the old imperial palace. King often taken as symbolic color yellow is used in your outfit, great style, home decoration ... - Black deep feeling of surface and depth, symbolizing mystery, u implied, dark tied to a mysterious supernatural force that man has not discovered. - Green also relate to the woods, under the cool shade, the symbolic color for spring, lush, serene hope. - The concept of color in each region and each region is different.

West says is pure white, the white, the bride wore a white wedding day trade. Eastern also reversed, showing white mourning, should the funeral white people used. The concept that is not constant, but changes when cultures interact and influence each other. Today, white is widely used in our country as well as some other Oriental countries in life. These associations are mainly based on the experience that people feel in their lives.

The role of color in graphic and advertising design

Life contains so many colors in it. With the expression of the laws of color, people expressed ideas of their subjective. Along the understanding of color as the concept of life, psychological habits, beliefs ... will help the artist in achieving success in the design of their products to service life.

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