The useful information on labels

Trademarks are the important basis for consumers to identify and choose the right product according to his wishes. In addition to the announcement of the basic information related to product quality as prescribed composition, quantify, rate, duration of production, time use, the number of licenses in circulation, specific guidance especially, ... 

on some luxury items are shown on the figure of the age, such as gold, silver, antiques, furniture, wine, cigars ...

But there are some who read all label information on the baby too Teo. However, many people said they routinely buy brand through the introduction or the eye-catching packaging but is not going to read all information on the product label. Therefore, the buyer must knockoffs, buy "gaffe" is still going on ... usually!

With brand names confirmed, besides the mandatory information as prescribed on the label, the product of age is considered the "gold elements" to express the differences and competitive advantages compared with other products of the same type. The announcement of age on product packaging complies with the regulations of each country.
For example, under the provisions of the Charter of the Association of Scottish whiskey - famous country world by producing whiskey industry: the age of the product must be disclosed on the label and the bottle of wine is equal to the number of years were incubated in sealed casks of tariff and age is measured by the number of years for the youngest of all the products of the same type used for mixing in bottles.

This means that alcohol is 12 years old and will include wine at least 12 years old and the other products of the same type are formulated in the bottle will age greater than 12 years. Manufacturers usually indicated on the label numbers 12,18,25, 38 ... just to proclaim the age of the product, just to show class and quality of their products. As for the old product does not burn, it can be implied that the maximum is only 3 years old.

Thus, with the same product line industry, just look at the number indicated on the age of the bottle label, consumers can appreciate the value of the product matches their consumers. This will not only protect the interests of consumers, but also gives consumers the comfort, peace of mind when shopping.

Another example chocolate, if certain standards they must figure% of cocoa. The percentage is higher the bar the more pure chocolate, as well as crunchy but bitter. And kind of chocolate is the most popular type component is 40-50% cocoa, and easy to eat, but also donated not "trivial". If only looks eye-catching look of the paper box is easy to fall into the trap "good paint" is better than wood.

So see, the information on the labels of products and "hundreds of critical path". The value of goods is confirmed by the age record numbers on the label, the god from having to "hard work" deliberation, incredulous.

Although speaking in one way or another, the intelligence and ingenuity of entrepreneurs that disclosure digits for clear and transparent to both affirm the value of their products has shown the advantages competitive brands. And manufacturers should be responsible for coordinating with the media to promote and guide consumers about these regulations, to help consumers choose quality products, appreciate the value of the corresponding consumer products they.

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