Manpower printing: Hard to find skilled workers

According to the Vietnam Printing Association, each year, the printing industry needs at least 2,000 additional workers. However, the number of trained workers only meet half the demand ... 

Human resources in the sector are in shortage and weak, one reason is that not all corporate training

According to the Vietnam Printing Association, each year, the printing industry needs at least 2,000 additional workers. However, the number of trained workers only meet half the demand ...

Admit students, lack of skilled workers

Mr. Nguyen Trong Phuc, Director of Manufacturing Ltd. Phuc Khang Trading Services, said last year, despite running all over the place but the company has yet to find a mechanic in the water plant to replace an employee who retired job. "Due to the nature of work, the company requires the candidate to be proficient, skilled, have at least 1 year experience. Vocational school students out of college pretty much, but they can not meet. There we had to ask another facility processed product "- Mr Phuc explained.

Mr. Nguyen Trong Cuong, the owner of printing and graphic design Trong Cuong (Hoc Mon district, Ho Chi Minh City), human recognition is always the most difficult problem for enterprises (companies) operating in the field of printing . Any businesses which otherwise good incentive to the employees to leave, it will surely be difficult, takes a long time to find alternative manpower.

According to Cuong, took 3 years after the establishment of businesses, he resolved stitch new staff by recognizing vocational school student, worker training again.

In Vietnam Association that coupled with the shortage of manpower, the stage of training not keep the pace with technical innovation, technology is taking place rapidly in the printing industry. Consequently, the majority of young workers are still hard after college for a job, while businesses have complained lack of manpower due not find skilled workers.

No seriously training

Discussing human quality printing, Vo Xuan Tuyen, Director Design Company In Gia Vo, only students commented Print and Communication Sciences University of Technical Education HCMC meet the requirements of businesses while the majority of vocational school students do not get exposed to modern machinery so tentative and passive.

"This is a profession with a high level of risk requiring that workers have a professional-skill. We do not have the courage to hire non-skilled young workers, no computer experience to stand "- he explained Declaration.

Prof. Dr. Ngo Anh Tuan - former Dean of Print and Communication University of Technical Education HCMC, general secretary of the Printing City - said both redundant and insufficient human resources in the sector stems partly from existing DN subjects like "spend the temple" labor, skilled workers want to suddenly have such cases.

"The printing businesses have domestic habits, search, recruitment sources available on the market rather than proactive training, linked to vocational schools to train ordering. This result is unreasonable in the coal companies themselves lack the student workers still unemployed "- Mr. Tuan emphasized.

Mr. Tuan also said in the city, every year, in addition to approximately 100 students in the University Sector Technical Education Ho Chi Minh City also has about 1,000 students, students of colleges, secondary and university levels in the industry have secondary education in the schools sector.

This force is abundant but are been neglected domestic companies. "Recently, many small and medium enterprises in Korea, Japan, Thailand ... to invest in Vietnam. They attach importance to training, offering salaries and benefits "flashy" than domestic firms should be proactive human resources "- Mr Tuan said.

In Vietnam Association, there are currently about 1,200 print enterprises, employs about 40,000 workers. This sector labor demand in the coming years will increase, corresponding to an increase of the establishment of new enterprises from 10% - 15%.

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