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Decal is pre-coated labels, self-adhesive glue (or in other words stick by pressure). Unlike other labels, adhesive labels are available only sticky when wet, heat or glue information. This gel does not need to be heated wet or that just one slight pressure, the product label will stick.

Often, people confuse that issue or cheap decal is kind of decal printing material use and printing technology is not good, not eye-catching. But reality is not necessarily so. It can create the right kind of decals are cheap quality by a combination of many different factors such as technology, processes, reduce costs such as premises costs, labor and legacy ...

Cheap Printing Products Decal is full of common use such as decal, which is used to make:

1 Label Packaging

Labels cars, motorcycles and electronics

Labels for food

Labels for bottled foods

Labels for consumer goods

Labels for chemical

Pharmaceutical Labels

Label sealed.

2 label contains information changes

Label information in the industry

Name for logistics - transportation

Labels for office

Label for Retail

3 Brand promotion and decoration

4 Poster

Cheap decal is composed of 4 layers as follows:

Laminated paper, plastic film or fabric. The contents should be displayed on the label will be printed on this layer.

Adhesive layer is coated on the underside of the surface layer.

Layer of silicon (or silicon PE) is coated on the surface of the substrate to prevent the glue from sticking to the substrate.

Substrate can be paper or Kraft Glassine protection without using glue.

GLORY PRINTING CO.,LTD operates on a rotating chain, from the stage of consultation closed, quotes and design, printing and delivery, with modern equipment, thus minimizing the time in the rotation as well as sewing machine operation.

Besides, the company is continuously looking for and cooperation with suppliers of materials including paper, ink, glue ... with a most appropriate price. This has a significant effect in lowering product costs to a minimum to maximum support our customers.

For these reasons, we are proud to offer cheap decal printing products and best quality to all customers.

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