Catalogue 06

The criteria should be noted when printing catalogs:

Catalog printing multiple colors on the front or inside the intestines catalog, or 2-3 color or black only 1. To save costs and increase efficiency we advise you to design and print catalogs on the same paper.

Front cover catalog Gloss UV coated, PE Rolling ball, matt OPP to increase the attractiveness and durable protection catalogs and more aesthetics.

The time element is not really important, it should print catalogs more than a short time. As fast as synonymous in printing costs increase.

Full service design or just print catalog. Design costs will increase or decrease depending on the degree of difficulty

Page numbers 4-8-12-16 .... 64 pages. With conventional print catalog page number to jump 4 Or there will be no content sites, for example, the cover 2.

Delivery at the location or delivery requirements in Creative Child. Depending on the value of orders we would advise you to catalog printing solution best. 

Standard size catalog

A4 (21x30cm)

A5 (15x20cm) 

Optional paper catalog

Couche Paper 100-120 - 150-250 - 300gsm (white paper ball surface).

Couche mast 100-120 - 150-250 - 300gsm (Durable white paper). 

Bristol Gloss 100-120 - 150-250 - 300gsm (white paper ball at the surface).

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