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GLORY PRINTING CO.,LTD specializing in barcode Barcode Data Transformation on modern systems. Specially printed on a variety of materials weighing 50 to 350GMS

Barcode bar code, a data entry form to facilitate the automatic identification and data collection (often referred to as Auto ID), and not just for the app store supermarket chain again. The black stripe barcode Barcode familiar began to appear in many other places such as doctor's offices, law firms, post offices, retail stores, security applications, and rental cars as well as the electronic equipment, telephones, cell phones. Barcode barcode bars and related technologies have been used in the production company shipping and receiving operations in more than 30 years worldwide. Today Barcode barcode has many applications in the business including accounting, warehousing and customer service functions, time and attendance, and provide the package, as well as assembly line operations.

The diversity of technologies Barcode printing barcodes can be overwhelming. You can absolutely choose to automatically print on office equipment phonghoac put in at the professional print

Printouts batcode barcode should provide include:

1 /. Specifications Dimensions (cm) Length x Width x Height (if applicable)

                      Color: 4 color printing? in a blending? In a black?

                      (The original file if available)

2 /. Material: Paper Couche? Bristol? Duplex? Ford? Decal paper? Plastic decal .....

     Quantification (gsm)? or material thickness (mm)? 3 /. The number and location of delivery.

We will carry out the quotation as soon as possible

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